Fouded in 2016, Sunshiny sparked a Relax balm Revolution. We started by buying ginger, coffee and lemongrass from farmers in DakLak hand-crafted and creating small relax balm products in the pockets of men, women and children everywhere in Viet Nam. We choose to support the activities of respect for nature and contribute to social activities. We not only avoid toxic chemicals, pollutants and cruelty to animals but also seek responsible sources of supply, fair trade, environmentally friendly lifestyles, and contribute to the health of our environment, healthy community.

Design teams, manufacturers and creators have a common passion for product design, elegance and a friendly packaging. Along with being proud of Vietnam’s unique gift shop, you can choose products or want a little custom, we will always help with the exchange with your company.

Sunshiny’s goal is to create small but inspirational gifts that tighten the relationship between the donor and the recipient. The recipient will feel refreshed, cherished the natural gift of exquisite donors. We believe that when using Sunshiny products will feel better, more beautiful and more clear results after using the product.

We are artisans, artisans – making Sunshiny’s products in small batches, hand-made to ensure they are fresh and retain the natural qualities of gold. So, what you are getting with Sunshiny is 100% pure ingredients that assure unrivaled products in freshness, superior quality, unique aroma, health and safety quantity. limited.

Sunshiny specializes in making orders from Europe and Japan that are loved and trusted by our partners. Sunshiny has made the herbs highly regarded as the first, only, and leading source of quality originating in Vietnam.

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